We are a Team that grows and evolves with our brand

Ergomak Makina, In 2018 POWERMIX  was established in  Istanbul to carry out the sales-marketing, service and  maintenance activities of gypsum plastering machines and spare parts products.

Ergomak Makina,with its distinguished customer network and strong team throughout Turkey, is very serves as a solution partner for numerous projects.

Ergomak Makina  is committed to our mission, vision, values ​​and quality policy as our main purpose; in the building sector; To expand the market of gypsum plaster machines and spare parts, to deliver our world-class products to our customers, projects and construction sites with quality service.

Aware of the importance of quality in the construction industry Ergomak Makina, customer has adopted the principle of focusing on success and satisfaction.

Ergomak Makina's main goal is to provide superior service and strategic cooperation. is to achieve success.

Ergomak Makina, technical products needed by the building industry, customer satisfaction focused and develops itself as a solution partner.

Ergomak Makina, adheres to the principle of customer satisfaction and excellence in the products it sells and the service it provides. continues its work and continues to develop. One of the latest projects of Ergomak Makine, www.ergomakmakina.com was established to serve you, our valuable customers, on the internet.< /span>

Gypsum plastering machines, on our e-Commerce site Spiral shafts, machine spare parts, hand tools and building materials can be found at very affordable prices and you can shop with your credit card. .

Thank you for choosing www.ergomakmakina.com   We wish you good shopping.